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Veneer may the linyi market analysis
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Now has entered the so-called man-made board industry off-season every year (September 5 -) time, relative to the man-made board decline in finished product shipments, start with some stock products; Relative to raw material veneer, because people can build panel shipments fell, the dosage of single board also drops, a lot of rotary cutting factory to reduce production, presses for shipment, because the north in the rainy season, product storage billions a big problem, a lot of products flood the market, wood veneer prices have been falling, cypress wood log price appeared a small amount of buoyancy at the same time, in about 1000 yuan per square now. Because of the price hike in log, veneer prices lower, the rotary cutting factory falling profits, many companies have already stop production, waiting for the second half of the market recovery.

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