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Warmly celebrate saxo 14 anniversary of the founding of wood industry
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Moon and rebirth, inexorably, today, 14 anniversary of the founding of saxo wood, here we will held a grand celebration for her birthday. First of all, please allow me, on behalf of the company all staff to care for and support our ZhenWei leadership express my heartfelt thanks and great respect, let us with warm applause, welcome their arrival! At the same time, allow me, on behalf of the company to extend cordial condolences to the staff's hard work. Fourteen years, the company from scratch, constantly growing, has come a ordinary and extraordinary way, obtains a glorious achievement: several years of growth, the enterprise profit and tax amount increase quickly, these achievements as the work and the company all staff is inseparable, here, let us take a big round of applause to thank them! Looking back, elegantly fragments of ordinary and passionate history in front of each of us to hand in photograph reflect, to assemble a saxo development history, the history of a saxo people struggle. Saxo struggle history is a modern enterprise system from establish to improve the history!

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