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Enterprise honor

Professional technology,

Has the company independent research and consulting experience. Has formed a series of control group, the enterprise operation management, enterprise culture construction and other professional in the field of methods and tools, such as: enterprise growth portfolio strategy research, enterprise culture, group control model research diagnosis evaluation system, group culture system research, strategic oriented enterprise culture idea, that is, the model system, management and culture enterprise culture propulsion system (model) landing corporate culture, corporate culture assessment system, etc.

(a) customer oriented: 

We wants to form a partnership with customers and suppliers, which is very important to the success of each other. 

We are committed to: 

Listen to the opinions of the customer more 

 communication each other’s ideas and expectations

To develop innovation and competitive advantage of products and services. 

It is easier to cooperate with us  let the outside world

And our supplier service customer  

(2) the results oriented: 

We attach importance to the result. 

We are committed to: 

Setting challenging goals 

The implementation of zero defect 

 focus on results

 willing to take responsibility

In the face of problems, to solve  

(3) the discipline: 

We need a high degree of self-discipline and the cooperation spirit, in the face of complex and difficult business environment. 

We are committed to: 

Proper planning in the hands of the project, and give money and manpower support 

Attention to detail 

 clearly communicate ideas and expectations

 as promised, and put it into practice

With an uncompromising integrity and professional attitude to do business  

(4) good place to work: 

A high productivity and challenging work environment, is the key to our success. 

We are committed to: 

 respect and trust each other

 openly and directly communication way

Collaboration 

Maintain a safe work environment


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